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little noisy miner is an art brand created by accidental artist, adrina. she is inspired by little everyday objects and simple lines.

the noisy miner (manorina malachepala) is a native australian bird with plain plumage but big personality. adrina was originally drawn to the noisy miners outside her window, making noise almost as if they were trying to tell stories.

adrina lives in sydney, australia and creates her simple wonky line art from her tiny home.

hand drawn

art in its simplest form is making marks on a surface. all little noisy miner line art is hand drawn using a humble graphite pencil, sometimes sharpened, but often not. these drawings come from curiosity, are instinctively wonky and have too many imperfections.

“it doesn’t matter what you draw as long as you draw something. start by drawing little things ”

the not-so-critical
inner voice